What We Do

If you have money sitting around in basic savings or money market accounts than let's put it to work. If you've been looking to invest in real estate, but have never flipped yourself, then let's put your money to work with experienced players in this game.

We have a lot of projects currently and even more on the horizon for many experienced or inexperienced clients.

If you have ever thought about investing in real estate, or if you have additional money to invest, then these opportunities are going to be ideal for you.

  • Upstreet Financial locates and approves an investment property based on strict investment criteria
  • Upstreet Financial offers a private note to cover the costs of purchase (Acquisition and renovations) The Joint Venture partner sends the funds to the escrow company and the note is created.
  • We close on the property and begin renovation/development, and management.
  • Once the property is complete, we either refinance the property to cash you out or we market the projects to an end buyer.
  • Joint venture partners usually have the ability to obtain a mortgage and have a minimum of $50000 in capital.


The Joint Venture partner receives 100% of their loan principal, plus the agreed upon terms of the transaction. Either specified return or 50/50 split of proceeds on sale.

If you have capital but are new to Real Estate and need the support and experience as you begin investing Joint ventures is a great option for you. We have the financing, contractors and agents to get deals done. Come work with us!

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We have the financing, contractors and agents to get deals done.

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